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November 6, 2020 2 minutes read

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If you love to make music, there are lots of avenues to get your art to the world. From Soundcloud to YouTube, anybody who makes music can make it openly available. Getting eyes and ears on that music is far from simple. You don’t have a devoted PR person or the marketing power of a record label behind you. That implies you’ll have to manage all the marketing yourself. With The Music Marketing Master Class Bundle, you’ll know exactly how to proceed.This seven-course, 22-hour package is led by Tomas George, a music producer, author, and audio engineer with more than a years of experience in the music industry. He’s expertly trained and has made a career out of separately marketing his own music. Here, he’ll not only teach you about marketing your music, however you’ll also get crash courses in producing and developing hit music as well.George uses a music theory course that will assist you much better understand your music and discover how to write music that connects. You’ll likewise get an introduction to songwriting and producing in Ableton Live 10.

From there, you’ll get a primer on the music market, learning more about things like copyright, royalties, and publishing, and understanding how to protect yourself from predatory agents or labels. You’ll also find out how to use social networks platforms like Twitter and Reddit to promote yourself and get brand-new listeners. From there, you’ll cover digital distribution services like Spotify and Apple Music, discovering how to get your music there and make it readily available to the masses.Ready to succeed

in the music business? Get The Music Marketing Master Class Package today for just $34.99.

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