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You might be doing whatever in your power to keep the kids in your life healthy. Have you thought about whether or not the cars and truck seat they are riding in is bacteria-free? CEO and Creator of BuckleBath Lauren Siclare produced a service to help parents, caregivers and day care centers fix this messy problem. She took a seat with Jessica Abo to share her journey and her advice for other entrepreneurs.Lauren, can you start by

informing us what was going on in your own life when you created this idea for BuckleBath.com Lauren Siclare: At my daughter’s school, when you do automobile line, one of the teachers takes her out. Our home is perfectly clean. She was dressed in a charming pink gown; and as the teacher’s taking her out, crumbs are falling out, and I’m mortified. I’m stating,”How could this occur?”I had that “aha “moment, where I recognized the crumbs were coming from the back of her safety seat. I quickly browsed the web and searched for a service that would come to my driveway and clean my daughter’s car seat, and nothing turned up. I believed to myself, “How does this service not exist? There are millions of kids.”And as I was really looking for a business to clean my daughter’s car seat, what showed up was the reality that kids’s safety seat have more germs than a toilet seat. We specialize in cleaning up those vehicle seats and making them look like new, but we follow vehicle seat producer standards to guarantee that they are sanitized as well.How does your company work?Our visits are made online through our website, bucklebath.com. You can pay and schedule for your visit. The day of your consultation, the cleaning

associate will text you a pointer

, and a lovable pink van will draw in your driveway.We have two offerings: One is our contactless service, which we’re doing more of during the pandemic. You leave your gear outside. Or we will clean in your cars and truck, so you do not need to eliminate your car seat. That’s generally about a 40-minute service per car seat. At the end of the consultation, the cleansing associate will text the individual who scheduled the consultation and state,”We’re all done. We’re all set.”In many cases, the parents come out and take a look and are surprised by what a fantastic job the group did. In other cases, it’s hectic moms and dads that are inside working, and they resemble,” Thanks so much. “And they examine it later.What role did you play in getting this off the ground?Let’s start with actually acquiring the commercial van. I took an Uber to the sales lot and knew that the only way house was by buying a commercial lorry. I had called ahead to ensure they had the car that I wanted. And after that I get on the highway. I’m driving this extremely large van thinking to myself,”This is it.

I need to make this work. I’ve simply acquired a business van.”

And I knew there would be more business vans thereafter.I think the key piece is determining the how. As soon as you have the van, you need to determine,”How can I guarantee I’m using a service that’s practical, and I have it totally equipped with whatever I require.”At least five mechanics informed me,”No, you can not put a power source in a business van that will allow you to use three commercial-grade vacuums at the exact same time. You can’t do this. It’s not going to work

. “When you’re creating a company or you’re creating a service, hearing” no “over and over and over once again, I had discovered, is very typical. You just need to figure out a different method to do it.The truly fun part was, initially, when we released, myself being out there with the cleaning associates rolling up my sleeves, cleaning up other kids ‘vomit, experiencing what it’s like to actually do this day in and day out, since that’s how you find out. If you’re not literally rolling up your own sleeves and taking care of the “figuring out “once you’re released into market, you’re not going to learn as much.How did you bring Bucklebath.com to market?We chose to launch at a community occasion where we started a business. Our app was all set to go to take appointments. And we had, within the first five minutes, a line of 15 moms and dads who wanted to make consultations once they realized what we did. We scheduled all of our appointment slots within the first five minutes of being at a neighborhood event. The very same week, a mama who had our service published on a Facebook page about Bucklebath, and there were 123 remarks about how required this service was and what a brilliant idea it was. We knew extremely quickly that we were going to need to expand, grow our group and buy more vans.What is next for you?What’s next for us is to franchise and be able to have Bucklebath for all of the caretakers, parents, day care centers that have currently asked for Bucklebath, however we’re not there yet.How do you work with day care centers?We partner with daycare centers to use our services on-site in their parking lots. So think of your child. You drop her off at daycare in the morning. You would leave her safety seat there. We have the ability to do a large-scale 30 to 50 car seats in a day at the day care center. You return to pick her up after work, and you get your car seat, and after that you get your daughter.What’s your primary piece

of advice for someone out there who has an idea but they haven’t started doing the research, and they have no idea how they’re going to perform the principle that they have in their head?The key three things to consider when you’re developing a new product and services is the target audience. In

our case, there’s 20 million kids under the age of 5 in the U.S. That’s a lot of unpleasant safety seat. You believe about durability. The length of time can this company be? In our case, there’s constantly going to be kids born and new mamas and messy safety seat. Then, you want to think about what issue it’s fixing. In our case, we’re helping children to ride much healthier in their cars and truck, however we’re likewise providing a service that is convenient for busy parents and caretakers. Article curated by RJ Shara from Source. RJ Shara is a Bay Area Radio Host (Radio Jockey) who talks about the startup ecosystem – entrepreneurs, investments, policies and more on her show The Silicon Dreams. The show streams on Radio Zindagi 1170AM on Mondays from 3.30 PM to 4 PM.