Slice, the online buying platform for independent pizzerias, revealed two new offerings this morning– a point-of-sale system designed specifically for those services, along with a rewards program for diners.

The launch of the new Slice Register builds on last year’s acquisition of point-of-sale business Instore, and the visit of its CEO Matt Niehaus as Slice’s senior vice president for payments.

Pizzerias might seem to be a narrow focus for a point-of-sale system, particularly offered all the other POS items out there, but Niehaus suggested that a lot of the 15,000 pizzerias in Slice’s network are still depending on sales register and pen-and-paper: “If you run a pizzeria, you are definitely great at making pizza, but you are typically less comfortable with the accounting side.”

He also said that existing POS systems aren’t actually developed for the requirements and workflows of a pizzeria. Slice creator and CEO Ilir Sela included that the majority of them were designed for offline buying first, with online assistance included later. And Niehaus recommended that the average local pizzeria is only seeing 19% of their orders originating from online sources (compared to 75% for the average Domino’s place), that’s a genuine issue.

“Domino’s is truly the competition, not the POS business,” he said.

Slice Register

Image Credits: Slice The Slice Register is a combined software and hardware(including an iPad) service. Naturally, it integrates with Slice’s online buying and likewise includes assistance for email and mobile marketing, as well as a combined view of each client. Niehaus said that among other things, it’s created to”grab those clients on one platform and nudge them online.”

Slice Register is offered to pizzerias at no initial charge for the hardware or software application. The only charge in 2021 will be for payment processing, with extra prices announced coming next year.

When it comes to the brand-new Slice Rewards program, diners who purchase pizzas through Slice will get a totally free large cheese pizza for every 8 orders of $15 or more. (Slice, not the dining establishment, is paying for the totally free pizza.) Sela explained this as a “extremely Domino’s-like program,” except that it works throughout independent pizzerias.

“What we’re discovering the local customer has up to four local favorites, and they like all of these places similarly,” he said. “What we believe is actually cool is, you’re going to get rewarded for purchasing all four of your regional favorites.”

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