Priti Youssef Choksi explains how to get your startup obtained– not sold

Today, Priti Youssef Choksi is a partner with venture company Norwest Venture Partners. She formerly spent five-and-a-half years at Google, where she worked on strategic partnerships, and nearly nine years at Facebook, where she began in corporate development and later focused on M & A. Due to the fact that Choksi knows firsthand how some&of the most significant business [ …]
A great example of something that Google would never buy, for example, is search tech, due to the fact that search is the business’s crown jewel, she kept in mind. As for when they lastly go shopping, companies are driven by three things, said Choksi: traction, skill and technology. Back in 2013, the young company, which created a video-capture, stabilization and sharing app, was gotten by Instagram (which was itself currently owned by Facebook); a week after it closed the Luma offer, Facebook released video on Instagram mainly based on Luma’s platform….