Coronavirus or Corvid-19 is flaring up and CDC now has all countries in the world on Level 2 alert with many countries being added in the Level 3 travel advisory list against just 4 countries last week.

Markets have been on a roller coaster ride this week with the 11 year bull run coming to an end on Wednesday March 11th. Analysts said that never in the history of US stock market (established 1896) did they see the indexes go from all time high to bear market but Corvid-19 made that possible in the short span of a month.

The effects are slowly being felt by all parts of the economy. What does this mean for the startup ecosystem? Join me in this podcast as we talk about the impacts of Corvid-19 and discuss a few noteworthy points from Sequoia’s article on Medium: Coronavirus – The Black Swan of 2020

The Silicon Dreams by RJ Shara

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