As the venture landscape gets used to the COVID-19 pandemic and seismic shifts in public markets, early-stage VCs are reassessing which bets they’re making, along with concerns they’re asking of founders who are checking out bleeding-edge technology.

Anorak’s Greg Castle Anorak Ventures is a little seed-investment company that bets on emerging tech like AR/VR, machine learning and robotics. I recently got on a Zoom call with creator Greg Castle to talk about what he’s seen just recently in seed investing and how the sector is reacting to the crisis. Castle was an early investor in Oculus; his other bets at Anorak consist of Versus Gravity, 6D. ai and Anduril.

Our discussion has actually been modified for length and clarity.

TechCrunch: Has this pandemic affected the kinds of business that you’re taking a look at?

Greg Castle: From my experience as a financier thus far, being reactive as an investor and taking a look at “hot” locations has a lot of pitfalls to be mindful of. I think a lot of the areas that delight me as a financier could benefit from what’s going on here, those locations consisting of robotics, automation, immersive home entertainment and immersive computing.

Simply usually, do you feel like a recession is most likely to negatively affect emerging tech more so than other areas?

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