Among the huge difficulties business like business SaaS suppliers confront with new customers is getting consumer data into their service. It’s a problem that Flatfile founders faced firsthand in their jobs, and they chose to fix it. Today, the company revealed a healthy $7.6 million seed investment to broaden on that vision.

The business likewise revealed the release of its newest product, called Concierge.

Two Sigma Ventures led the financial investment, with involvement from previous financiers Afore Capital, Designer Fund and Gradient Ventures (Google’s AI-focused venture fund).

Business CEO David Boskovic says he and co-founder Eric Crane recognized that this is a problem practically every company deals with. Let’s state you sign up for a CRM tool like HubSpot (which is a Flatfile consumer ). Your primary step is to get your consumer information

into the brand-new service. As Boskovic explain, if you have thousands of existing clients that can be a genuine problem, often including days or perhaps weeks to prepare the data, depending upon the size of your client base. It typically consists of importing your information from an existing source, then manually moving it to an Excel spreadsheet.

“What we’re trying to resolve for at Flatfile is automating that entire process. You can drop in any information that you have and get it into a new product, and what that fixes from a market point of view is the speed of adopting brand-new software application,” Boskovic told TechCrunch.

Image Credit: Flatfile He states they have automated the process to the point it typically takes simply a couple of minutes to process the data, If there are problems that Flatfile can’t fix, it provides the problem to the user who can fix it and proceed.

The founders realized that not every use case is going to include a simple one-to-one information transfer, so they produced their brand-new product called Concierge to help companies handle more intricate information combination circumstances for their customers.

“What we do is we provide a bridge in between disparate data formats that are a little bit more complicated and let our consumers collaborate with their brand-new customers that they are onboarding to bring the data to the right state to use it in the brand-new system,” Boskovic described.

Whatever they are doing, it appears to be working. The company introduced in 2018 and today has 160 consumers with 300 sitting on a waiting list. It has actually increased that customer count by 5x given that the start of the year in the middle of a pandemic.

Any product that minimizes labor and increases performance and cooperation in a digital context is going to get the attention of customers today, and Flatfile is seeing a huge spike in interest in spite of the present economy. “We’re helping onboard clients rapidly and more efficiently. And our Concierge service can likewise help in reducing in-person touch points by minimizing this long, typical information onboarding procedure,” Boskovic stated.

The company has actually not needed to alter the way it has worked since of the pandemic, as it has actually been a dispersed workforce from day one. Boskovic is in Denver and co-founder Eric Crane is based in Atlanta. The startup presently has 14 employees, however plans to fill a minimum of 10 functions this year.

“We have actually got a pretty aggressive employing map. Our pipeline is bigger than we can manage from a sales point of view,” he stated. That indicates they will be aiming to fill sales, marketing and product tasks.

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