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When I initially started out as a speaker and coach back in 2001, I thought earning money to speak was something completely out of reach for a “regular” man like myself. I believed you had to be a famous

The Most Obvious( However Still Uncommon )Way to Engage More Qualified Prospects

Action 1: Create an engaging title for your talk

I can’t highlight this enough, because for a lot of speakers this is where they get tripped up. Think of the title for your talk as the speaking equivalent to the cover of a book. And while we all understand that you don’t wish to evaluate a book by its cover, I believe it’s fair to say that an intriguing title and an attractive cover go a long method towards you picking up any book from the shelf.

The exact same holds true for satisfying coordinators. They look at hundreds of prospective speakers a month, so you want to have a title that leaps off the page. Personally, I’m a “how to” male myself. “How to Overachieve Without Over-Committing” and “How to Talk So Others Will Listen” are a number of titles I use a lot. Ends up that when you use “how to” for solving a pertinent issue people have, satisfying planners are interested.

Step 2: Produce a client-attracting description of your talk

After creating a compelling title, the next thing to deal with is the real description of your talk, and this does not have to be difficult either. As long as you can describe your subject in the context of a problem that your talk will resolve for audience members, then you’ll be fine. Here’s an example from my talk on “How Overachieve Without Over-Committing”.

Do ever feel like you’ve got so much going on that you’re uncertain where to start, not to mention whether you’ll get whatever done? Well state no more, as popular speaker and very popular author Brian Hilliard shares some tips and tricks for getting things done … without eliminating yourself while doing so! See what I did? I composed the description in the context of a problem that I think a lot of people face, and then I provided my talk as a prospective solution. Pretty uncomplicated, ideal?

Step 3: Start branding yourself as a paid speaker

Prior to you employ an elegant PR Company to begin “branding” yourself as a paid speaker, let’s simply step back a bit. All I’m speaking about is having a page on your website that successfully positions you as a paid speaker. Here’s what that page can appear like:

  • An expert headshot;
  • A description of your talk(s);
  • Your bio;
  • A list of some customers and/or speaking appearances you’ve previously had (optional); and
  • Some video of you actually speaking with an audience.

Which’s it. Our only goal here is to show individuals that you do this for a living, which if they employ you, they can rest assured that you’re a skilled expert who not only understands what they’re talking about, but can provide that

This Simple Change Can Make More Prospects Say ‘Yes’ to Your Deals

The bottom line is that earning money to speak doesn’t have to be tough. It can be, however like a lot of things in life, it does not have to be. If you truly do wish to go out there and begin earning money speaking gigs, you truly just require to do a couple of things to get moving, because make no error about it: Somebody right now with comparable proficiency is getting paid to speak. And my question is: Why can’t that individual be you?

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