August 4, 2020 6 minutes read In this continuous series, we are sharing recommendations, suggestions and insights from real entrepreneurs who are out there doing organisation fight on a daily basis. (Responses have been modified and condensed for clearness.)

Who are you and what’s your service?

My name is Christopher Cargnoni and I’m the creator of Fresh Pawz, a family pet product? In 2017 I saw younger and younger people walking with pets of their own. While I wasn’t yet prepared to handle the obligation of having my own pet dog back then, the family canines I grew up with were a huge part of my life. Being in the retail world my whole life, I’m super passionate about brand building and producing items that people can link to, so I started to look into the family pet market.

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All over I searched there were articles about “

5 Things My Pets Taught Me About Leadership What does the word “entrepreneur” indicate to you?

That’s a great question! Amusing thing is, I have actually had the word “business owner” as my task title on

The Developer of WeRateDogs Makes Five Figures a Month By Publishing Adorable Canines Online. Here’s How.After only

a month in business, I might have shut down the brand name without a problem. I might have tried to find another day task. That would have been the simple option, but it wasn’t the choice that would take me where I wanted to go. Looking back, being fired from my task was the very best thing to ever happen to me. It finally pressed me to decide. I informed myself, “I’m going to put all my chips in. I’m going to bank on myself and have faith that I can do what I’ve always believed I can. If you let it, fear holds you back. Do not!

What guidance would you offer to other business owners about fundraising?Investors want to see that you

have actually poured your blood, sweat, and tears into your company. They want to see that you’ve grown all of it you can on your own, and after that they may think about assisting you grow to the next level. You need to be authentic. Do not try to fit into a mold to get cash from a certain person.I don’t satisfy people even if they

have money. I satisfy people who I ‘d truly like to team up with. Everyone I have potential partnerships with originates from my own circle, and it took place organically. After seeing all the effort I’ve purchased my company, they had an interest in investing too.Is there a particular quote or stating that you utilize as individual inspiration!.

?.!?”Beat The Odds, Do Numbers, Remain Humble.” This is a Drake lyric, but it represents everything I’m about. We all need the will to go against the chances in life. I pride myself on being psychologically strong enough to leap the obstacles. I’m a sales man, so doing numbers has always been a way of living for me. It’s what excites me, what gets me up in the early morning. Staying humble is likewise an important part of my identity. I have a strong belief that no matter just how much success I obtain in life, I’m always just my mom’s baby young boy. As I say, Angiolina’s Infant Boy. Conceit keeps you down when you fall. Modest yourself, return up, and keep trying to beat the odds.

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