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August 17, 2020 6 min read Viewpoints expressed by Entrepreneur factors are their own.

Recently, somebody asked me this question: “Let’s say that you, Ivan, return thirty years and think of where you were early in your career. If you didn’t know somebody personally and you actually admired them and wanted to take a shot at reaching them, how would you do that?”

The short response to that question is I would not connect to them directly. I would find somebody that knows them and I would get an intro. And that’s precisely how I satisfied Harvey Mackay, author of Swim with the and ask if he would contribute a piece to a book I was dealing with at the time. He had written about networking before and I thought he would make a great contributor to my book. The problem was that without any name recognition, I couldn’t get past his assistant no matter how many times I tried.So, I began asking coworkers if they understood Mackay personally or if they

knew anyone who may have a connection. I asked everybody I understood. I asked, and I asked, and I asked. It took the bulk of a year, but one day, while in another state on a book tour, a BNI member in that city asked the local director if he might pick me up at the airport and take me to my hotel. We spent a long time talking on the drive and he asked me many questions about my book and about the BNI organization as a whole. He concerned the event I asked and did that week if I ‘d like a flight back to the airport the next day. I happily agreed.Related: 4 Details for Effective Networking That The Majority Of People Neglect

On the trip, we continued our previous discussion. As we got closer to the airport, he thanked me for all the suggestions I had actually offered on how to construct a powerful individual network. He asked, “is there anything I can do for you?” Well, as I said above, I had actually “asked, and asked, and asked” if individuals knew Mackay and I felt that I learnt more about this private well enough to toss that out there. I said to him, “I have actually been attempting to link with Harvey Mackay and I haven’t had any

Some people might believe all of it happened just because “I asked.” But I would state that’s only part of the story. Yes, I asked. I asked individuals who I understood and who I believe trusted me. More significantly, they understood I would not betray that trust by doing something besides what I said my designated function was. People don’t wish to offer a referral to somebody who simply wishes to offer something to an important contact they have.So, if I were to return 30 years and think of where I was early on in my profession and I wanted to fulfill somebody I actually appreciated, how would I do that? That’s simple. I ‘d ask people who trust me for the referral. It worked for me then and it still works for me today.

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