There’s a growing wave of industrial activity from companies that are developing products utilizing brand-new biological engineering technologies. Perhaps the most public (and tastiest) example of the promise biomanufacturing holds is Difficult Foods . The meat replacement business whose ground plants (and bioengineered ingredients) taste like hamburger just raised another $200 million earlier this month, offering the privately held business a $4 billion evaluation.

Difficult is just the most public face for what’s a growing pattern in bioengineering– commercialization. Platform companies like Ginkgo Bioworks and Zymergen that have large libraries of metagenomic data that can be used to products like industrial chemicals, coverings and movies, pesticides and brand-new methods to deliver nutrients to consumers.

The brand-new items concerning market

By 2021 consumer items made with Zymergen’s bioengineered thin movies need to be appearing at the Customer Electronic Devices Program (if there is a Consumer Electronics Program). It’s one of several announcements this year from the billion dollar-valued startup.

In August, Zymergen announced that it was working with herbicide and pesticide producer FMC in a partnership that will see the seven-year-old start-up be an engine for product development at the nearly 130-year-old chemical business.

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