A couple of weeks after teasing its new product, French startup Klaxoon is releasing Board, a visual user interface that lets you work together throughout a video call. Rather of staring at other individuals’s faces, you get a shared canvas that you can use for presentations and to recommend concepts.

Klaxoon is well aware that numerous business have strong viewpoints about video conferencing services. Some companies are already using Microsoft Teams for whatever, others are utilizing Zoom or Google Meet. That’s why the business is attempting to make it as simple as possible to use Board while you’re on a call utilizing Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Google Meet.

Considered that you’re currently in Board when you’re creating a Zoom link, you can also use Klaxoon’s own video-conferencing service called Live.

“Video represents less than 10% of your screen realty. Our goal isn’t to take on other services when it concerns pixels, hd or the variety of thumbnails,” Klaxoon co-founder and CEO Matthieu Beucher informed me.

Instead, when you utilize Live, you accept numerous restrictions that could assist you remain focused on your conference. For example, you can just have 15 people in your conference. The person arranging the conference can set a limitation– it can be 5 minutes, 15 minutes or 30 minutes. You can’t utilize Live for a meeting that lasts longer than 30 minutes.

And lastly, other individuals on the calls are represented through tiny thumbnails on the right side of the screen. The majority of the screen is filled with a sort of digital whiteboard that you can utilize to write text, insert images or videos. You can work on your board prior to beginning the meeting or you can add a table from a template library.

Individuals joining your conference can submit ideas through digital sticky notes. You can likewise switch from the freeform view to a more structured column view to move concepts from one category to another.

Klaxoon has been working on interactive whiteboards and conference tools for many years now. Board combines a few of the stuff that the company is currently providing to its clients, however with a concentrate on remote meetings. The service is launching today for EUR9.90 each month.

Image Credits: Klaxoon

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