Harbor, an emergency-preparedness company that just raised $5 million in seed financing, has today publicly launched its app.

The app gamifies the process of preparing your home and family for whatever crisis may befall them, including typical emergency situations like home fires and more widespread disasters like earthquakes, fires, and so on

. Led by former Headspace officer Dan Kessler, Harbor has also partnered with Team RUBICON, a company that activates veterans to serve communities during humanitarian crises and/or natural disasters.

When a user first signs up with Harbor, they enter their POSTAL CODE and the app instantly determines the most likely potential emergency situations based on place. Users can likewise manually add emergency types. Kessler says that the app will get even more granular about this procedure as it layers in more information about specific addresses.

Once emergency situations have actually been selected, the user is offered weekly tasks based upon the numerous preparedness involved, such as keeping water or examining smoke alarm or having actually an equipped go-bag.

Screenshots of the brand-new Harbor Protect app. (Image: Harbor) Rather than asking the user to do whatever at the same time, Harbor breaks the procedure into bite-sized activities that just take a couple of minutes which the user ought to do weekly.

“Our mentality is that this need to be a habit-forming thing,” stated Kessler. “It resembles brushing your teeth or exercising or meditating. When and being done with it, it’s not about doing it. We will help you form a practice as you go through it every single week.”

As the user progresses even more through the app, jobs might become a bit more time-intensive, such as discovering CPR.

Each activity also features associated learning. The app may quiz a user on how to purify water for drinking– the response may amaze you.

The app likewise has an involved retail storefront for third-party brands that Harbor approves as finest in class. For now, a little commission on those items is the only income source for the business, however Kessler sees the chance to introduce brand-new features to the app and go freemium.

Some additional functions of Harbor consist of offline usage and encrypted storage of crucial documents like Social Security cards, birth certificates, and so on. Whether or not those features will remain free or be swept into the premium subscription version of the app is TBD. The company is evaluating everything, according to Kessler.

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